My beautiful daughter volunteered to be an MDA counselor this summer. This is the little boy she was assigned to be with all week. He is totally and completely adorable. My daughter, knowing his fate, does all she can to help him enjoy ... everything. A few moments after shooting this photo I happened to film them as he tried to fix her hair. I could tell he really felt safe around her and wanted to reciprocate her loving kindness. 

There is something magical about service. I have a deep suspicion that most of what troubles the world today could be solved if we all stopped and took time to serve one another. Not necessarily because the act of service will change the life of the recipients as much as it changes the life of the giver. The more we give the more we change. It seems to me that the world has it all backwards: we do not change the world by trying to change it. We can only change the world by changing ourselves, from within. The world is merely an outward reflection of our inward convictions; and the fastest way to change us from within is to serve others.