As many of our followers know, we had a fundraiser earlier this spring which enabled #mitchellsjourneyto help other families affected by muscular dystrophy, as well as support programs that help kids and parents alike. Among the program's we have sponsored, we donated $2,000 to MDA to sponsor a fishing and swimming excursion at this year's summer camp. 

Mitchell loved swimming and fishing, so sponsoring these activities was a perfect opportunity to help boys in memory of our own. These fishing and swimming programs spread over the two week camp for both young and old DMD participants. 

As I was taking photos Natalie pointed to this young boy fishing. He reminded us of little Mitch in so many ways. From the way he spoke out loud (to himself), to his facial expressions, we saw our little son. My heart broke and melted all at the same time.

These are just a few of the young children that got to participate in the swimming program. Nothing was so rewarding as to see these young children who struggle to walk and play like regular children suddenly enjoy a sense of weightlessness and freedom by playing in the water. I think that is one of the many reasons Mitchell loved to swim.

This was my sweet wife sitting by the pool watching the children play. Though she wanted her little son there, it brought her some comfort to help other children enjoy activities our son could not.

Thank you to everyone that supported our Miles for Mitchell run earlier this year. Thanks to you, because of your support, we've been blessed with opportunities to serve other families that struggle. We'll post those stories soon.