Last night Natalie and I went on a wooded walk. We wandered through the crunchy leaves and just began to talk.

The air was crisp and fragrant, rich with earth's deep tones. If only we could have a bottle to keep and call our own.

So there we shared some gentle words about life and other things. Then our souls went where words do not exist, nor can they … not even in our dreams.

It’s strange to live in such a place, where peace and grief reside. The loneliness of longing forever at your side.

I saw my wife, two lives rolled into one. Arms filled with love and family, yet empty in search of our little son.

Yet something happened in the woods last night – something we didn’t quite see. We knew the season was changing, and suddenly we realized so were we. 

Grief evolves. How could that be? I think I see it now, it isn't grief that changed, but me. 

Yet there is still a deep, dark wood. A place that is felt, not seen. Where words of grief and anguish do not exist, not even in our dreams.