We just returned from a family vacation that was gifted to us by some generous colleagues with whom I work. While on our trip I took a photo of this sunset on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and wrote in my journal: “Good night little Mitch. You are always on my mind. And while I know you're not lost at sea, sometimes in my heart you may as well be.”

I then posted this photo and that caption on my personal Facebook page and a dear friend wrote: “Consider him your lighthouse now... so you can make it back home...”

As I pondered his words I felt the truth of them and gratitude filled my heart.

I have been blessed with a little boy whose short life has sparked a light in my heart and another light far into the horizon. And when the skies darken, as they surely will, and the sea of life thrashes and threatens to destroy, I will look to the light within me and then to the light a great way off. My compass. My lighthouse. My son.