Mitchell's two brothers Ethan & Wyatt have their last lacrosse games today. Mitchell always enjoyed watching them play and often said how he wished he had the physical strength to participate in sports. 

The Herriman lacrosse council dedicated this year to Mitchell's Journey and are donating some of the proceeds to PPMD. Every team in our city wears jerseys that say "Playing With Purpose" next to a muscular dystrophy ribbon. They also wear "Mitchell's Journey" helmet stickers. We were humbled to see hundreds of kids wearing uniforms that remember our son.

We were moved to tears by the lacrosse council's efforts to honor our fallen son ... to show these young athletes a greater type of teamwork that transcends the sport and points to a deeper purpose. 

No matter how these Herriman teams may have ranked this year, they won the greater game. And thanks to the thoughtful actions of these leaders, these young boys walk off the field better athletes and more importantly better people.