Last Thursday my sweet wife stood before Riverton High School’s student body and thanked them for supporting Mitchell’s Journey. 

Natalie spoke on behalf of all mothers of DMD; she described how scary it can be and how she wants to help other mothers who see their child's fate and don't know what to do. When it was my turn to say something, I thanked them for their incredible example and for helping us help others. I told them I have seen a lot of things in my life, but I have never seen something quite like them. 

After our short address these students rose to their feet and clapped with thunderous applause. There was an energy in that room that was humbling and at the same time electrifying. It was clear by their energy something inside them changed – or perhaps, their true goodness was simply being revealed. To them it wasn't about the money ... it was about the change.

These students have raised the bar for humanity. This is the rising generation. A generation that cares.#SilverRush2015 raised $130,019 for Mitchell's Journey.

In the coming months we’ll share where that money is going. We plan to support PPMD, MDA, some local families as well as continuing to help with education and awareness. 

Above all, Mitchell’s Journey is about more than the disease that took my son's life ... is a journey of hope, help, and healing.