For those who live in the greater Salt Lake area, Mitchell's Journey is hosting a Star Wars movie event TOMORROW Saturday, December 19th at 3:20 PM. It will be held at the Jordan Commons theater in Sandy. We have invited a host of DMD families to come for free so they can enjoy the much-anticipated movie together. 

We still have tickets available for those want to join us. If you are interested, you can contact

About 15 minutes prior to the movie (around 3:05 PM) we will show a short presentation with highlights of 2015: what Mitchell's Journey accomplished, what we did to support PPMD, MDA and some local families with DMD as well as other important milestones in our journey to help others. We will also share our plans for 2016. There will be a very special thing shared during this short overview that I can't wait for these kids to see.

It should be a great event in memory of Mitch and in aid to families who struggle to find hope. If you can, please join us.