Tonight we attended the Lights Fest along with supporters and Mitchell's Journey volunteers. It was a beautiful event filled with feelings of peace and acceptance.

I had an opportunity to stand before a crowd of a few thousand people to briefly share what our foundation is about and invite them to learn more about little Mitch and the stories we share.

The moment I got home, I made this video of tonight's events which includes video from my aerial camera. Though I have always wanted to participate in an event like this, I wanted more to see Natalie send something heavenward with a note to little Mitch. You'll see that in this video. I deliberately didn't add any narrative because I want its viewers to contemplate their own journey and what message of hope, faith, and love they might put on their own lantern.

We are grateful to the Lights Fest for including our foundation as one of their sponsored charities and for giving us an opportunity to raise awareness and challenge others to get involved.

Below are a few photos from tonight, starting with Natalie's lantern with a note to Mitch.

Shots of the Festival

Austin Bennett and His Family

File Sep 16, 11 18 15 PM.jpeg