2017 Year In Review

Dear Friends of Mitchell's Journey,

Here is a short video that summarizes some of our accomplishments in 2017. We've done so much more than what's described here, but this will give you an idea as to where we've been and where we're headed.

Thank you for being part of this journey. In the end, Mitchell's Journey is more than the story of a little boy who died; it's about 300,000 people discovering new ways to live and love more deeply. It's about acknowledging life's hardships and finding the faith and courage to take a brave step into the unknown.

2016 Miles for Mitchell


There is no single photo that encapsulates what happened today at our Miles for Mitchell run. We were humbled by everyone's support and loving encouragement. Though we run in honor of Mitch, we also run in hope for other boys with DMD. Today we had 11 children, each with DMD, attend. Each child left knowing they were loved by a growing community who cares and wants to help.

In this photo, Natalie talks with a dear friend of hers who also has a son with DMD. Our little Mitchell was friends with her son, who is also named Mitchell. Two DMD mothers who love their sons and carry uniquely heavy burdens, yet they set their sorrows aside to love and support each other. 

As I attended the funeral of my beautiful Aunt earlier this week, a woman who loved little Mitch and was there to support him during special times in his life, I discovered that she often said of life, "We're just walking each other home." 

May we walk each other home with helping hands and loving hearts.

Thank you to everyone who supported our event. It was a beautiful day.



Meeting Up With Marco Simmons and Family

My friend Marco Simmons visited our home tonight. We love Marco and his family. So grateful for their love and support. They'll be joining us at the Miles for Mitchell run tomorrow. He has become an inspiration to so many DMD families all across the world. I love this guy.