Speaking Event / New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Today were blessed to share a workshop entitled, A Practical Guide to Making Moments Matter with the Nunnelee Clinic  We were so impressed with their staff and sincere desire to help children like little Mitch.  These people are the real deal ... sincere, kind and deeply motivated to make a difference.  


Read an essay on this experience here.

More From The Event

The Nunnelee Clinic is moving from the hospital to a larger facility, so in keeping with their moving theme, they had the event in a tent with an "Nunnelee On the Move" theme.  It was so inspiring to hear how the community has rallied behind this remarkable medical team to help their dreams of better serving pediatric youth better. 

Stephanie Burney

Another Guest Speaker

Also speaking at this event was Stephanie Burney, a mother who lost her daughter to a tragic zip line accident almost two years ago.  She spoke bravely about her experience for the first time and touched on the important role medical staff play in the processing and handling of a tragic event.  Our hearts went out to Stephanie and her family and we applaud their efforts to turn a tragedy into a force for good. 


To learn more about their precious daughter, visit: