DMD Family

Tonight we met with a family who recently lost their son to DMD.  They attended our address at New Hanover Regional Medical Center / What Happens On the Other Side of Medicine.    

As we spent time with this remarkable family, we were inspired by their goodness and how they rallied behind their brother and son.  We learned a great deal about how this wonderful family coped with the challenges of diagnosis, caregiving and their reflections on grief.  

Natalie having a conversation with Paul and Christian just after our speech.  There was an instant connection with this family and we were grateful to meet them.

In their foyer, a photo of son, Justin.  He was an intelligent, vigrant young man who loved playing adaptive floor hockey, video games and loved to pursue girls.

We were honored to visit their son's room, which for the most part remained untouched.  This family was such an insipration to us and we loved every minute we had with them.

When we arrived at their home, we were greeted with the kind of southern hospitality you hear about but don't quite understand until you experience it yourself.

Their great grandmother lived with the family, as well.  She was a bright and entertaining conversationalist with a great deal of wisdom and insight.  We could have spent all week with her.

Natalie grew especailly fond of her.